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Veterinary Dermatology  

We understand the concern and frustration of living with a pet that suffers from allergies or skin disease.

We will help you develop an understanding of your pet’s problems, the potential causes, the tests needed to define the primary cause, and the treatment and prognosis.

We will present you with options, potential outcomes, and realistic expectations. You will decide what best fits your needs.

       The following dermatological services are available:
  Allergy testing and treatment
  Skin Testing with Rush Immunotherapy
  Diagnosis and treatment of hormonal disorders
  Immunostimulative therapy
  Diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune diseases (self allergy)
  Evaluation and treatment of chronic ear infections using video otoscopy
  Treatment of chronic recurrent yeast, viral, and bacterial skin infections
  Removal of tumors, growths, and lesions of the skin utilizing cryosurgery
  Evaluation & treatment of diseases of the paws, footpads, and nails
  Laser Therapy

Preparation for the Initial Exam

Please follow the recommendations listed below to prepare your pet for the initial examination.  Some of the recommendations may be contrary to what you feel is important, but they will help us to better evaluate your pet.  Please feel free to ask any questions you have about the recommendations when scheduling your appointment. 

   Click here to get to the downloadable forms page and download the New Client Form and the Dermatology Questionnaire. Fill them out ahead of time and bring them with you to your first appointment.

   Do not bathe or have your pet groomed for 14 days before your appointment.

   Please bring a fresh urine sample.  Collect it the day of your exam, before you leave home when your pet is the most relaxed.  Please note the time the urine was collected and keep it refrigerated until your exam.

   Please bring a fresh stool sample also, one that was collected the morning of your exam.

   Follow your primary veterinarian’s recommendations regarding continued therapy until you are seen in our office.

   Ask your veterinarian to fax your pet’s detailed medical history to us.  Please get the records from all the veterinarians that have seen your pet.

   Please allow 60-90 minutes for the initial examination.

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